Israel stoppade Nordkoreanska vapen till Hizbollah..

Enligt arabiska nyhetskällor var det en vänlig gåva från Nordkorea för att mörda judar, som stoppades av Netanyahu.

Report: Israel attacked in order to prevent North Korean weapons convoy to Hezbollah

The day after the IDF attacked within Syrian territory, an Arab news website reported that Israel conducted the airstrike in order to prevent sophisticated North Korean missile convoy from reaching Hezbollah. Jordanian sources stated that this was the attack target that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke about.

Mar 18, 2017, 4:00PMJudith Abramson
image descriptionTarget: North Korean missiles Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News
This morning (Saturday), Arab media outlets reported that Israel conducted yesterday’s airstrike in Syria in order to prevent North Korean missiles from reaching Hezbollah. As reported yesterday by JOL, an anti-aircraft missile was shot at Israel in response to the airstrike, which was intercepted by the IDF’s Arrow System.
According to a report on the Arab news website Rai al-Youm, political groups and reliable Jordanian sources believe that there is a connection between recent Israeli military and intelligence operations along Israel’s borders with Syria and Lebanon and between leaked information claiming that Hezbollah has obtained extremely technologically advanced missiles from North Korea.
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