Världens säkraste flygplats.

CNN: Ben Gurion Airport is the safest airport in the worldToday, CNN reported that experts from more than 40 countries will arrive at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport to learn just how it became the safest airport in the world. Preliminary examinations of every passenger, plane and/or staff member much before their arrival to Israel is just one example.May 29, 2016, 7:39PMJudith Abramson



Redditimage descriptionBen Gurion Airport—the safest in the world Flash 90/Channel 2 News Today, CNN reported that Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport is the safest airport in the world, thus flight security experts from 40 countries around the globe will be visiting next month in order to learn about Israel’s paramount security skills. “We can’t show you the security in Ben Gurion Airport, as part of Ben Gurion’s security provisions,” explained CNN journalist Oren Lieberman in the opening of his report. He also said that before he reached the international terminal, he passed through three security checks.
Lieberman went to the airport’s security services operation center, where they told him that every flight, passenger, pilot, and crew member is checked a great deal before they even enter Israel’s air space. It all happens in the operations room, manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
There is not a moment without pressure – a plane that is not on its airway, a flight without security authorization – every incident receives immediate attention. “There is no room for mistakes. Closing Ben Gurion Airport would close airspace access into Israel,” he said. Interest in Israeli security heightened following the Brussels terror attacks and the Egypt Air plane crash. Dvir Rubinshtein, manager of the operations center for Israel’s Ministry of Transportation, said that experts from around the world frequently come to Israel in order to learn about the Israeli security system.
In February, Israel released a new set of guidelines to airlines flying to Ben Gurion Airport, adding security measures for every flight. Currently, passengers are not the sole threats. “”The circles of threat are further expanding to insiders working at the airports. Insiders that are working at resorts and may have access to the luggage of passengers, insiders that may work at airports or even in cabin crew. And last but not least, the phenomenon we are facing since the early-90s of suicide pilots,” said Shalom Dolev, the aviation security expert for the airport that is helping export the Israeli advantage of security.

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