Europas företag skockas till Irans bazarer – Iran har INTE skrivit under avtalet.

Iran skrev aldrig under avtalet som TT och en del tror, länk1 länk2 länk3 länk4 länk5 bl.a. EUs industrialister och Sverige som var där och shoppade just när Iran dessutom sänt upp två ballistiska missiler.

Europe Reaped Profits in Iran While 21 Israeli Jews were being Killed

The Iran nuclear deal will trigger a major war in the Middle East and it is already triggering the Third Intifada.

Published: Sunday, October 11, 2015 7:35 AM

A group of German industrial firms from many sectors including oil and gas, chemicals, cars, health and construction such as Basf, Siemens and ThyssenKrupp, just returned from the second official German business trip to Iran in as many months. At each meeting, photos of the Supreme Leaders Ali Khamenei and Ayatollah Komeini adorned the wall. 
The Iranian willing executioners were happy, since most Germans favor nuclear weapons for Iran and employ Nazi terminology against Israel. German public opinion contains once again elements that envision a world without the Jewish state.

“Europe projects its fear of Iran on Israel”, as Leon de Winter, one of the Netherland’s most renowned novelists, told me this week…
Germany’s State TV reported about the Itamar massacre where parents and three children, including a baby whose throat was cut, by writing: “Five dead after attack on settler family”. The Basf chemical industry, which now is dribbling at the thought of returning to Teheran, was formed out of the assets of IG Farben in 1952, the same company that produced the pesticide Zyklon B for the gas chambers.
70 to 80 top executives of France’s largest companies also visited Iran in September. Peugeot, France’s premier car company, will build cars with the Iranian auto company Khodro and transfer French technology. Can we resume the French past of traitorous Vichy for them? 
During those very same days of industrial success, Iran’s Khamenei was proclaiming that Israel “won’t exist in 25 years”.
It is very sad to see how little the Europeans have learned from the Holocaust. But in this greed, there is also a psychological mechanism: “Europe projects its fear of Iran on Israel”, as Leon de Winter, one of the Netherland’s most renowned novelists, told me this week in a conversation we had about the future of Europe. 
It is a Hamas terror cell which killed the Henkins near Itamar. Israeli intelligence declared that Iran has been sending suitcases full of money over the past two months to the military wing of Hamas.
The Iran nuclear deal will trigger a major war in the Middle East and it is already triggering the Third Intifada. 21 Israeli Jews have been killed in terror attacks in the last year, the most important period of negotiations between Iran and the Western powers. 
Europeans are making money in Iran, while the Iranians used that money to finance the slaughtering of Jews in Eretz Israel. Hitler also was a bonanza for the German industrialists. Shame on this moribund Europe. 
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