Margot Walllström and her racist philosophy.

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Ilya Meyer

Israel seriously needs to get its act together.

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström needs to be declared an enemy combatant and treated as such. Should she set foot inside Israel she should be arrested and tried for aiding and abetting terrorism and racism.

Here’s why.

In Swedish parliament today she equated Israel’s response to Arab knife, gun, arson and vehicular attacks with the terrorist attacks themselves.

Read that again: in her mind, police response to terrorist attacks is no better than the terrorist attacks themselves. But this only applies to Israel, when Jews are the victims. When terrorism is carried out in Sweden, she totally, unequivocally, supports the police response.

But she goes further: she says – wait for this – that the very definition of Israel’s brutality is the fact that more terrorists are killed trying to kill Jewish civilians than the number of dead Jewish victims.

Understand this right: according to ‪#‎IntellectualLightweightMargotWallström‬, if you are a murderous terrorist and you by accident or inexperience fail to kill, but only wound, a civilian, but are killed by police while wielding your weapon and attempting to kill more civilians, that is an extrajudicial killing. You should be allowed to continue killing until the law of averages confirms that you have a sufficiently high number of innocent civilian victims, before you, the terrorist combatant, are allowed to be killed.

This from Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström. This is not just illogical and stupid, it’s downright racist. It’s racist twice over – because (1) in her mind all Muslim atrocities are excused because she apparently doesn’t think Muslims are capable of any higher thinking; that’s REALLY racist. And (2) she insists that there must be more Jewish victims in order for the statistics to be regarded as ”equal”.

I’d say that any civilised country that allows Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström to set foot in their territory without putting her on trial for supporting terrorism is itself guilty of supporting terrorism. And racism.

Margot Wallström: please, PLEASE resign. Sweden cannot afford any more of your diplomatic embarrassments. You are not just stupid, you are an overt racist.

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