4 arabiska terrorister har förlorat sina medborgarskap hittills.

Frankrike och Israel har återkallat medborgarskapet för terrorister, medan Sverige ger dom terapi.

Interior minister revokes citizenship from two more terrorists

Shalom updated the Attorney-General’s Office of his intentions, and gave the request to the Administrative Court on Thursday.
 Vem kommer att vara terrorist 5 år senare? Ja, det är frågan.


Interior Minister Silvan Shalom moved to revoke the citizenship of two Israeli-Arabs who committed acts of terrorism last week.

The first is Alaa Ziod, 20, who ran his car into and stabbed four Israelis in Gan Shmuel, and the second is Asraah Abed, a 29-year-old woman who attempted to stab soldiers in the Afula Central Bus Station.

Shalom updated the Attorney-General’s Office of his intentions, and gave the request to the Administrative Court on Thursday.

“There’s no need to elaborate on the importance of Israeli citizenship, which includes the duty of a citizen to be loyal to his country and for the country to be loyal to its citizens, the more so when that citizenship is taken advantage of to harm civilians and national security,” Shalom stated.

Earlier this week, Shalom asked to have the legal residency status of two terrorists who live in Jerusalem revoked.

Shalom has the authority to revoke citizenship and resident status under the Law of Entry to Israel.

The authority was used by past interior ministers, including Ronnie Bar-On, who revoked the resident status of four Palestinians residing in east Jerusalem, three of whom were elected members of the Palestinian parliament and one who became a minister, all through Hamas.

Last week, France stripped five terrorists of their citizenship, bringing the number of terrorists receiving the punishment to 17 this year.

On Wednesday, Shalom ordered a one-month travel ban on Islamic Movement northern branch head Sheikh Raed Salah as he tried to depart to Turkey. Earlier that day, the Jerusalem District Court discussed an appeal of Salah’s 11-month prison sentence he received in March for incitement in a speech he gave in 2007.

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